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What is bird friendly coffee?

We have recently listened to a podcast episode by npr's LifeKit, and they talked about how you can save your local birds. One way is to buy Bird-friendly coffee (if your funds allow it)

Bird-friendly coffee, also known as shade-grown coffee, is a type of coffee that is grown in a way that supports the biodiversity of bird habitats. This environmentally-friendly coffee is grown under a canopy of trees, which not only provides shade for the coffee plants but also provides a habitat for birds and other animals.

Unlike traditional coffee farms, which are often grown in full sun and require clear-cutting of forests, bird-friendly coffee farms are designed to mimic natural ecosystems. The canopy of trees provides a natural habitat for birds, which in turn control pests and help fertilize the soil with their droppings. This creates a more sustainable and diverse ecosystem, which is better for the coffee plants and the environment.

Bird-friendly coffee is also beneficial for the farmers who grow it. By maintaining a diverse and healthy ecosystem, the need for pesticides and fertilizers is reduced, which in turn reduces costs for the farmer. Additionally, the shade-grown coffee plants tend to produce higher-quality beans, which can be sold at a premium price.

By choosing to drink bird-friendly coffee, you are not only supporting the environment and the farmers who grow it, but you are also enjoying a high-quality cup of coffee. Look for certifications such as the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's Bird Friendly® certification or the Rainforest Alliance certification when choosing your coffee.

But what if you are rarely making you coffee on your own at home? Well, maybe a trip to Starbucks could help.

The coffee giant has been working with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center since 1997 to make sure their coffee is grown in a way that doesn’t harm birds. In fact, Starbucks is the only coffee company in the world that is certified by the SMBC. -the commons cafe (Starbucks: The Most Bird Friendly Coffee Company, November 12, 2022)

In conclusion, bird-friendly coffee is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional coffee. By supporting this type of coffee, you are supporting a more diverse and healthy ecosystem, as well as the farmers who grow it. So, next time you enjoy a cup of coffee, consider choosing a bird-friendly option and making a positive impact on the environment.

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